Announcement and Document
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Release Date Daily Leverage Certificate Code Document Name
05/06/2020 9HSW,CIOW,CIPW,CIQW,CIRW,CISW,CITW,CIUW,CIVW,... Clarification Announcement on Potential Adjustment Event
06/05/2020 DSLW Early Termination and Delisting
06/05/2020 DSLW Clarification Announcement on Permanent Suspension
06/05/2020 DSLW Permanent suspension
06/05/2020 DSLW Airbag Trigger
05/05/2020 DSIW,DSLW,DKKW Announcement on SIA DLC Adjustments
14/04/2020 DFFW,CPWW,DRWW,DOXW,DLAW,CIXW,DSLW,GDEW,CPVW,... Clarification Announcement
25/03/2020 CPTW,9HSW,CPUW,CIQW,CIPW,CISW,CIRW,JYIW,CPRW,... Modification Announcement
03/07/2019 DSLW Supplemental Listing Document of SIA Short DLC (-5x)
25/06/2019 DSLW Term Sheet of SIA Short DLC (-5x)
25/06/2019 DSLW Launch Announcement of SIA Short DLC (-5x)