Long & Short

Long DLCs allow you to generate leveraged return when the Underlying Asset goes up. On the other hand, Short DLCs increase in value when the Underlying Asset goes down, allowing investors to achieve positive and leveraged return during market downturn.

  • Long DLC
    Multiply the Rise
  • Short DLC
    Multiply the Fail
  • Long DLC Daily Performance
  • Short DLC Daily Performance
Split into two sections. Daily Long on the left and Daily Short on the right
Our offering list
Underlying Stock 5x Long 5x Short
Stock Name Counter Code Price DLC Counter
Code on SGX
Price DLC Counter
Code on SGX
DBS SGX - DBS 25.200 (+1.65%) DOXW 1.705 (+8.95%) DFFW 1.025 (-7.74%)
OCBC SGX - OCBC 11.710 (+1.65%) DUZW 0.630 (+8.62%) DJWW 0.435 (-9.00%)
UOB SGX - UOB 25.870 (+0.74%) DDWW 1.680 (+5.59%) DBZW 0.980 (-4.11%)
Singtel SGX - ST 3.000 (+0.33%) DMQW 0.193 (+1.58%) DDIW 0.270 (-1.10%)
Keppel SGX - KEP 6.140 (+0.99%) DEKW 0.350 (+3.86%) DPIW 0.325 (-4.41%)
Venture SGX - VMS 16.210 (+0.68%) DLAW 1.055 (+5.61%) DGOW 0.320 (-4.76%)
Tencent HKEX - 700 339.80 (+1.80%) DANW 3.240 (+10.77%) DQTW 0.600 (-9.37%)
PingAn HKEX - 2318 77.750 (+1.77%) DHYW 0.755 (+9.10%) DCPW 0.750 (-8.87%)
Petro China HKEX - 857 5.210 (+4.62%) DSYW 0.148 (+21.31%) DTAW 0.395 (-24.33%)
CNOOC HKEX - 883 13.680 (+3.01%) DNBW 0.265 (+15.72%) DKUW 0.198 (-16.46%)
Leverage your investment return

Daily Leverage Certificates (DLCs) are designed to multiply the Daily Performance of an Underlying Asset by a factor, e.g. 3, 5 or 7 times. This means that for every $1 invested in a DLC, you can generate the same profit or loss as if you invested $3, $5 or $7 in the Underlying Asset directly!

Example: If the Underlying Asset goes up by 1% today, your 7X Long DLC would go up by 7%*. To put into dollar terms, say you buy a 7Xlong DLC at $5,000 today when the Underlying Asset is at 100. Tomorrow the Underlying Asset goes up to 101 (up by 1%). your DLC will be at $5,350 (up by 7%*). Selling it will earn you $350.

*Before costs & fees. Losses are leveraged as well as gains.

DLC vs CFD and Structured Warrants
  DLC CFD Structured Warrants
Listed on the exchange Yes Every investor gets the same price No Different providers show different prices Yes. Same as DLC
Traded on margin No Loss limited to invested capital Yes Loss potentially more than invested capital No
Time decay No No Yes
Implied Volatility Impact No No Yes
Benefits of DLC
  • Return boosted by a fixed daily leverage
  • Traded like a share
  • Live tradable prices
  • Every investor sees the same price
  • Buy and sell throughout the trading day
  • Capture short term market moves
  • Listed on SGX
  • Designated Market Maker to provide continuous prices
I like the product. How can I trade it?

To trade DLCs, you do not have to open accounts with us.

DLCs are listed on SGX like a stock, and they are also traded Like a stock! So if you have a stock broker account that can trade say Singtel share, you can use that broker account to trade DLC too! Unlike some other leveraged investment products, there is no margin requirement for DLCs.

DLCs as a leveraged product is classified as Specified Investment Product (SIP). You can check with your stock broker to see how to become SIP eligible, if you were not already.

  • 1. Check with your stock broker to make sure you are SIP qualified.
  • 2. Pick your DLC according to your view and risk appetite.
  • 3. Log onto your stock broker system and trade!
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