2019 Feng Shui & Investment Outlook
Presented to you by Kevin Foong,
Managing Director, Kevin Foong Consulting Group
Kevin Foong looked at the market from the angle of astrology and pointed out the importance of Feng Shui. There are three main energies that are required for the wealth accumulation. They are the earth energy, which is the house you’re staying in, the man energy and the heaven energy. He anticipates that China will be going through more challenging time compared to 2018, which we can expect more market movement. He expects some industries will do well in 2019, such as the fire and earth industries, which include IT industry, media industry, housing, etc. On the other hand, he pointed out some industries that might face challenges, such as the wood and water industries, which include casinos and F&B companies. He also analyzed and gave an investment forecast and suggested the periods which would be the best for taking action for each single astrology in 2019.

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