• How do Daily Leverage Certificates work?


    There are two types of Daily Leverage Certificates - Daily Long and Daily Short which enable investors to take a long or short exposure to an Underlying Asset.

    For bullish investors who think that an Underlying Asset is set to rise in the short term they can trade Daily Longs. Daily Longs will generate a positive return by leveraging any rise in the Underlying Asset.

    On the other hand, for investors who hold a bearish view and expect the Underlying Asset to fall, they could select (by buying instead of selling) Daily Shorts which will generate a positive return by leveraging any fall in the Underlying Asset.

    In either case, if investors make the wrong call and the markets move against their chosen view, the Daily Leverage Certificates will amplify losses in the same way as they will amplify profits, putting the entire capital of investors at risk.

    The leverage effect means that any movements in the Underlying Asset are amplified. Daily Leverage Certificates will leverage the investment exposure by a fixed amount, e.g. 3, 5 or 7 times, i.e. the daily return of Daily Leverage Certificates will be equal to the daily return of the Underlying Asset multiplied by the fixed leverage factor, before costs and fees.

    Process of choosing a DLC:

    1. Choose the Underlying Asset

    2. Choose Daily Long or Daily Short Certificates

    3. Choose the leverage Level (3x, 5x or 7x)