Market Outlook for Hong Kong and Singapore Markets – look beyond the US-China trade war
Presented to you by Dr. Chan Yan Chong,
Renowned Investment Expert
Dr Chan took a close look into the Trade war. He started by analyzing the two “big men”, Trump and Xi Jinping. Trump realized that globalization is not beneficial for USA. The past presidents focused on promoting American values, such as human rights, when he started to promote and protect American interests (Economic interests). Dr Chan pointed out that he believes that Trump’s ultimate goal is anti-globalization and anti-WTO, but quitting directly would bring drastic change, so he made deals with different countries separately. On the other hand, Xi Jinping has been bringing China forward by reforming and being more open to the outside world. Despite the trade war, he foresees there are more opportunities in China’s opening. He suggested that there are some stocks worth to watch with good prospects, such as banks (DBS, UOB, OCBC), some stable stocks such as Singtel, some high growth stocks such as Keppel Corp. He is optimistic about the oil industry as well.

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