• Introduction to Daily Leverage Certificates (DLC)


    Daily Leverage Certificates (DLC) are exchange-traded financial products that enable investors to take a leveraged exposure to an Underlying Asset, such as an index or a single stock.

    Daily Leverage Certificates replicate the percentage performance of an Underlying Asset versus its previous day closing level, with a fixed leverage factor.

    DLC is listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX), with Designated Market Maker (DMM) to provide continuous bid and offer quote. There are live tradable prices where every investor sees the same price. 

    The simplicity of DLC enables the product to be traded like a share, with boosted return by a fixed daily leverage. There is the flexibility where buy and sell can be throughout the trading day, enabling investors to capture short term market moves.

    DLC are designed to multiply the daily performance of an Underlying asset by a fixed factor of 3, 5 or 7 times with bullish (Daily Long) and bearish (Daily Short) view.

    • Liquidity - listed on Exchange (SGX)
    • Flexibility - buy/sell throughout the trading day
    • Simplicity - with a fixed daily leverage, 3x, 5x or 7x
    • Transparency - every investors sees the same price